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CQuartz by CarPro | Blue Line Auto Detail St. Louis, Mo


The goal since day one of CQuartz Finest, has been to approve only the most talented car care perfectionists in the world. Over the past few year the program has only continued to improve. Our installers harken to a time when quality, honesty, and good old-fashioned hard work were expected while pushing the chemists to continuousl innovate. This results in providing the tools necessary to surpass expectations for these specialist and for their clients time and time again. 


Once CQuartz is applied properly, by a professional, it will leave your car with a mirror like reflection. The end result is the richest super high gloss finish. Our team has applied this coating numerous times and their passion keeps them enthused about the future of car care. After every completed CQuartz application you can't help but to gaze at the vehicle before you. Each vehicle turns out absolutely stunning, every time. 


Did you know that CQuartz is naturally hydrophobic? You might be asking yourself, "Hydro-what!?" Well, because of its make up the coating is extremely repellent to water and oils. This prevents water marks, stains, dirt, and other contaminants from hurting the finish of your vehicle. 


Did you just say self-cleaning? That's right! Since most contaminants do not adhere to the ceramic coating it makes washing it much easier and less time consuming. And who doesn't like easier maintenance and more free time? 

Weather Resistant

Since CQuartz has such a thick protective layer its durable exterior provides a defense against rain, snow, sleet, salt, and sun rays. Dirt and dust don't stand a chance against this resiliant coaing. 


CQuartz is very versatile and can be applied to almost any surface: plastic, leather, vinyl, rubber, and glass. 

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