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High Ridge, MO


Exterior Detailing

Hand Wash 2-3 Hours Starting at $79.99

  • An automatic car wash might be very quick & covenant, but they can cause major damage to your vehicle.

  • Hand washing is much more in depth than your typical car wash.

  • We decontaminate the surface and rejuvenate the luster in your vehicle.

  • We finish by adding a defensive coating to protect your paint from all sorts of road conditions.

Claybar Treatment

  • Removes contaminants & debris that can damage or dull your vehicles appearance.

  • Whether you have a classic car or new model, this product is safe to use on all paint.

  • Help keep the longevity of your paints life.

Wheel Polishing

  • Our staff starts by hand wash your chrome or alloy wheels before polishing them.

  • After sanitation, they will polish and shine to erase any dullness.

Convertible Top Cleansing 

  • Keeping your convertible top clean & well protected will lengthen the life of your top.

  • It can save you money in the long run & keep it from getting mold or foul odors.

Headlight Restoration

  • This process removes the foggy haziness that your lights can develop over time. Clarity is the end goal.


  • Reduces the look of blemishes and restores your vehicles shine.

Paint Correction

  • Have you ever noticed that your vehicle has thin scratches, scuffs, or fine swirl marks? If so, don’t feel bad. Almost every car on the road has them. Automatic car washes, low quality sponges or tools used to clean your vehicle are among the top contributors damaging your vehicles paint. Luckily, our staff knows the proper technique to remove those unsightly blemishes. So what is paint correction? It’s an intensive process that involves buffing, polishing, and using the proper tools/materials to remove those swirl marks, scuffs, and scratches. Not only does this process bring your paint back to life, but it improves the worth of your car. We understand that cars are an investment so why not maximize the value of your vehicle?

Advanced Glass & Window Treatment

  • Unlike paint coating, glass coating was not designed to enhance the look of the surface it is applied to, but rather it was designed to offer unbelievable hydrophobic repellent. This greatly improves visibility in the rain. It is UV stable, and highly chemical resistant.

Rock Chip Repair & PDR

  • We have proudly partnered with Frisco Hill Auto Body to handle all of your rock chip or PDR needs. They provide quality services and free estimates.

Blue Line Auto Detail
Blue Line Auto Detail

2017 Z06 Corvette

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Blue Line Auto Detail
Blue Line Auto Detail

Dodge Charger Hemi Blue Line 2017

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Blue Line Auto Detail
Blue Line Auto Detail

St. Louis Auto Detailer. Lamborghini of St. Louis, Missouri. Blue Line Auto Detail.

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Blue Line Auto Detail
Blue Line Auto Detail

2017 Z06 Corvette

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